We Believe in Full Filling our Promises :- Ravneet Sing Bittu


As we all know  it is the season of elections  so all the party  leaders are campaign for their party 24*7 now a days . And on this peak point of elections many leaders are switching the party also .They visit different areas and communicate with people of all genres and try to solve their issues and make them promise to help them in every problem. and while doing that in Ludhiana  congress leader Ravneet Singh Bittu  have said we don’t make fake promises  we  believe in fulling them too  he said he belives that the audience should be healthy he believes that health is wealth so he wants his public to be healthy .

Health for everyone
Insurance Scheme’.

42 lakh families to benefit with insurance worth 5 lakh each.
3/4th of the state’s population will have a health insurance.