University Institute of Laws, Purc Ludhiana organised an informative online session “Holistic View of life

Ludhiana ( 20 July ) : Health, Beauty, Happiness and much more” with Pooja Gandhi, R&D Manager in a renowned MNC and practising yogini on 20 July 2020, Monday. The session commenced  with a ceremonious welcome by Prof. Ravi Inder Singh , Director PURC which was followed by a  formal introduction of Keynote speaker by Convener Dr Meera Nagpal, Astt. Prof. Pooja Gandhi is 500 hours certified yoga teacher and is certified in chakra sadhna and yoganidra. She is a practicing yogini for last 5 years. After the introduction, interaction round started. Key note speaker Pooja Gandhi  while interacting with young minds highlighted how we can  improve our general (physical and mental) well-being without any expensive equipment/gadgets or courses. She  covered  variety of topics like how to build immunity in challenging times like Covid-19, fitness and importance of exercise in our daily lives, talked about 9 life practices to lead a healthy and happy life. Yogasanas and pranayamas for taking care of lifestyle disorders like constipation, stress/depression, PCOS/PCOD, thyroid, Diabetes and addictions etc and last but not the least tipped off some natural beauty hacks.She  also shared quite interesting commonly unknown facts such as It is not what you eat makes you strong, it’s what you digest that makes you strong, 1 Amla has more vitamin C than 20 oranges together , Having hot and cold shower bath alternatively is a perfect formula for anti-aging, Making changes to how and what we eat makes a whole lot of difference in lifestyle disorders, keeping your vitamin levels in check and making sure if you take supplements or even healthy diet, how proper consumption  of Vitamin D can benefit our bodies  etc . A discussion and Q-A round was then mediated by Convener Dr. Meera Nagpal ,Assistant Professor which triggered the ignition of young minds. Overall the session was quite interative, thought provoking, inspiring , engaging and gave a new direction to thinking curve of participants. Around …… no. of people participated in this  session. Not only students but teachers also zealously became a part of it.
Towards the end of the session, Prof. Arti Puri, Coordinator of laws delivered a vote of thanks to the speaker and encouraged students to make best of their time and energy and to imbibe healthy lifestyles into their lives.

Kritika kochhar from  BALLB 3rd year Says that,
‘The session was quite inspiring and I found the health and beauty tips shared by mam resourceful and worth trying‘

Pooja Gandhi is mother of 2 (14 and 10 years old) kids. She has done in Telecommunication technologies and PG Certificate program in Project Management from IIT Delhi. She  keeps 18 years of engineering experience. She also got the Best performer title during a  wellness retreat organized by Mumbai based renowned fitness company( which also trains bollywood and television artists) for 3 days residential program which incorporated Tabata, Calesthenics and strength workout regime