The academia of scholastic education, Devki Devi Jain Memorial College for Women Jain Memorial

College for Women, Ludhiana and HBO Group, an NGO  sponsored by W.H.O. conjointly organized a guest lecture on “STRESS AND PAIN MANAGEMENT” through   Naturopathy on November 29,2017. The Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Sarita Bahl gave a warm hearth welcome to Dr. Gurinder singh (B.A.M.S. & M.D. Gynecology and Medicine) and Dr. Navin Kumar (B.A.M.S. & M.D. Medicine).

Naturopathy specialist Dr. Gurinder Singh, talked about the various aspects of physiotherapy and made the students and the staff familiar with the techniques of this science. He emphasized on how to cure diseases in natural ways without using medicines. He also laid stress on the significance of various exercises to avoid orthopedic & gynecological problems. He also gifted a gadget of Physiotherapy for the Health Care Unit of the college.

Hearing his inspiring words, the students and the staff felt motivated to keep themselves healthy.  The Principal said if Naturopathy is effectively incorporated  in daily human  life, it  can improve  the  quality of  life.

With the stern commitment to ensure the physical & mental well-being  of one and all, the lecture ended successfully.