Responsible Behavior of Ludhiana citizens and brilliant skills of doctors at CMC saved a life.


JUNE 8 LUDHIANA An unidentified middle aged man was hit by unknown vehicle while he was going to work on his two wheeler. He fell on the side pole fencing and his throat cut open and he started bleeding profusely and because he became unconscious he could not even cry for help. The by passers were busy making videos of this ghastly incident and without helping the victim. However, from somewhere “angels in disguise of humans” came and brought the unidentified man in a very critical condition to the Christian Medical College & hospital, Ludhiana. The emergency staff saw that the patient was unconscious, was gasping for air and bleeding profusely from the neck. On examination there was a large laceration over the anterior part of the neck and wind pipe was cut opened which was bleeding profusely in the emergency.He required an emergency operation to repair the airway. It was a very rare case as generally in the neck trauma the air pipe and the major blood vessels are usually spared because they are deep in the neck but in this patient the injury was so severe that the air pipe completely got cut and was seen visible from outside. All the bleeding was entering the airway and going to his lungs and making breathing difficult for him. A new artificial airway was created below the cut end of the wind pipe and the wind pipe was reconstructed. Multiple bleeding vessels were encountered during the surgery which was handled meticulously with utmost care.Since his relatives were not identified at that time, in view of the life threatening condition and after discussion with the Medical Superintendent, Dr. Anil Luther, he was taken up for emergency surgery. The sincere efforts of the rapid response by the Emergency staff and the ENT Team to immediately repair the tracheal injury saved the patient’s life. After the successful recovery of the patient, Dr. Anil Luther appreciated Mr. Shamsher Singh and Mr. Mohd. Rizwan who brought the patient (later identified) as Mr. Rajender Kumar and congratulated Dr Navneet Kumar the treating surgeon and the entire ENT department and said, that it is very important that we teach our children in schools and educate people that saving a life is very crucial and noble deed and people should be encouraged to help the people who meet with Road Traffic Accidents, because timely patient management can help save a life.