Not done Micromax. Not done!


Micromax unveiled their latest ‘premium’ smartphone the Dual 5 and we could not help but notice that it was very similar to a Chinese phone we have seen before. The phone was announced for INR 24,999, which we found a little hard to justify for what it had under the hood.

micromax-dual-5-is-the-rebranded-qiku-360-q51-1490957769Most of its features i.e. the

Dual Camera specs, processor, security features and even the design are completely borrowed from the Qiku 360 Q5. What we believe is that Micromax has purchased these phones from China and have them assembled here in India.

The Qiku 360 Q5 has a 5.5-inch AMOLED Full HD display, A Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 Octa-core processor, 128 GB of Internal Storage and 4 GB of RAM. These are the salient features of this phone, which are identical to what the Micromax Dual 5 has under the hood

he Dual 5 has picked up the same camera configuration i.e. 13+13 MP cameras on the rear and a 13-MP front camera. It has similar modes and 4k recording capabilities as the Qiku 360 Q5. It also has a 3200 mAh battery capacity with Quik Charge support.

The only difference between the two phones is the price and the logo that has been imprinted on the phone. Apart from these two aspects, everything is identical, down to its very core.

Micromax might be selling the rebranded Qiku 360 Q5, however we do feel that the phone is overpriced if compared to the Chinese smartphone