Khansama Fake News:: Yet Another Fake News Of Covid-19 Positive Case to Degrade Competitor in Market, This Time Khansama!


No. Of Tactics are used by Some Ventures These Days To Degrade their Competitors In Market, and now it is being done in sake of Coronavirus.

One Such Fake News Was Spread Last Day In Ludhiana that A Staff Member of Famous Food Outlet Khansama found Covid-19 Positive. Which is Fake As Confirmed By Our Sources.A complaint has been filed to the police by owner of Shahi Khansama (model town extension)for the spread of fake news that the restaurent has been sealed as workers are found Covid-19 positive. Restaurant owner Manjit oberoi and Rupinder singh told us that this fake news is a mischief done by a person on social media on Wednesday . However the truth is that niether there is any positive case of any worker nor the restaurant is sealed. Shahi Khansama is open and everything is going normally out there. This news is spreaded just to defame the value of brand . They have apealed that a stict action should be taken against the one who has.