Breaking the Ritual of Society, Ludhiana Round Table Men cooked Food for their Wives


This has always been very casual perception that women and girls are kitchen queens and men & boys, being the bread winners for family, dont belong to kitchen. This has been proved all wrong by the men of Ludhiana Round Table (LRT188) today and they cooked food for wives and kids. Atmosphere was all filled with fun, excitement as wives were cheering and supporting their husbands and men were cooking sumptuous recipes for families. This unique Event was conceptualised by Gagan goyal, chairman LRT 188 .And purpose behind this was to make women of their lives happy as marking the celebrationa of women’s day. Following are the winners in different categories….
1- Gaurav goyal (non veg)
2- naren aggarwal (veg)
3- Nischay lamba (desserts)
4- Gagan goyal (cocktails)
5- jatin and rishi Jain (tie)
(Best of all)
Ms nellu kaura and mr ravi dhiman were the judges for this event.