AIESEC Organises Its Global Village event at MBD Neopolis mall

Ludhiana: With the aim of uniting cultures, Global Village event by AIESEC was organised in MBD Neopolis Mall on Friday. AIESEC is world’s largest youth run organisation and works for creating leadership qualities amongst youth through our cross cultural exchanges.  Representatives from countries such as Russia, Mexico, China, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Ethiopia, Egypt and Hong Kong participated in the event.  AIESEC members showcased their culture through their artifacts, food, flags etc. The volunteers from 11 countries from AIESEC prepared the dishes from their respective countries and shared the recipes of the global cuisine with participants. The student from the foreign countries donned the Chefs cap at   Made In India (MII) and Rare Eastern Dining(R.E.D) restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana
The performances started with national anthem of Ethiopia was followed by dance and music performances of different country people. Volunteers from China showcased their performance in the form of live painting.  Locals performed bhangra with volunteers from Mexico whereas there was a ghumar performance by an Ethiopian girl enthralled the audience. Around 11 performances from different countries were showcased and people seemed like experiencing the whole globe under one roof.
Students of CT University represented their fashion brand FABCT through their fashion show.  The event included some local performances prepared by students of bindiya dance studio.  The memories of the event were captured by Mr Gaurav sethi from picberry.  The whole event was presented by Umbera homez and Co sponsored by CT University.
Joint Managing Director of MBD Group, Sonica Malhotra Kandhari said, “Global Village 2019, an event hosted by the youth leadership forum AIESEC in Ludhiana  aimed to blur such cultural divides among citizens of different countries through a mix of art, music, food and entertainment. She said its best that visitors at mall experienced Global Village initiative that has been an annual ritual across 70 countries for years, dwelling upon aspects like social sustainability, global awareness and cultural. She said Ludhiana people got the chance for deeper insight into the culture of other countries