Article by: Preeti Yadav

Over the decade, many states in India have put a serious ban on use of plastic in their daily agendas, Sikkim being the first to do this in 1998. In 2016, Punjab government also joined the league by putting a similar blanket ban on plastic.

Following this the MC Commissioner Ludhiana had also laid down a few guidelines. The MC also constituted enforcement teams to ensure the implementation of the ban of poly bags. However, the banned items are still being used openly.

Recently, MC Ludhiana Commissioner Kanwalpreet Brar issued a notice imposing ban on the usage of plastic items such as plastic bottles, glasses and thermocol items (except for packaging purpose) during official meetings and programs. The present action has been taken in order to encourage the citizens to avoid usage of plastic even in their household. This is supposed to help in reducing the amount of plastic that is collected at the end of the month by the Municipal Corporation from all four zones of Ludhiana.

To aid this, the citizens of the city shall join hands with the MC Commissioner and prevent using plastic materials at their personal level. A green Ludhiana is not the only need of the hour. The city also needs to find itself a place in the list of the clean cities of the nation.

Let us add to a clean and a green Ludhiana.

To start with, the regular plastic bags can be replaced with cloth and paper bags which are easily available in the market. The old newspapers can be used to line the dustbins instead of those black plastics.

Do let us know how you feel about this step taken by the MC Commissioner and what steps you would recommend in order to replace plastics with other bio degradable stuff.