It is a mystery we try to solve every time we look into a baby’s wide eyes; what is he thinking about? Feeding?  Ducklings?  Nothing at all?
Babies do not have a voice to express themselves. Though, they do scream, cry or laugh on certain situations but sometimes one cannot just justify why the baby is screaming, crying or maybe laughing. It is difficult to know what your baby is thinking about and what they are saying to you. We tried to talk to a few babies and the only response we got was lots of laughter and sometimes tears came in response. So we tried to interpret what babies would say if they could speak.
  1. OK! This is comfortable. I am settled here. If you put me down, I will scream. So keep holding me.
  2. Why does this clown has round glasses on his nose? Is that a toy? Let me grab it and investigate it.
  3. Why is he shouting? I am going to cry now to make this clown shut his mouth.
  4. Hey! I need to sleep. Feed me. Also, sing me a song. Not you clown. The one with the boobies.
  5. Where is the booby clown? Who is he? Is he a thief? I am going to scream. I want her back.
  6. Why did she leave me alone with him? He doesn’t even share his wine with me.
  7. I have been screaming for the last one hour. Can someone come and change my diaper. This yellow sticky thing is disgusting.
  8. Uh- oh! What is the hurry? I pooped again. Change the diaper. That is for not letting me have some wine.
  9. Stop sniffing my crotch in public. I have an image to maintain.
  10. You both disturbed my morning sleep. Now it’s my turn. (Evil grin)
  11. I don’t want a sibling. So don’t do things or I will start screaming.
These were the few funny things that we tried to interpret from their reactions. Do let us know what your interpretations are.