Valentine’s Day with Traffic Police: Bajaj College


Students of Bajaj college (Aff. to PU and situated at Chaunkimann)
celebrated Valentine’s Day with Traffic police of Ludhiana. On this
occasion, students gave roses to the traffic police incharges for their
outstanding service for the society. They covered the areas near MBD
mall and Westend mall, Sarabha nagar market, Aarti chowk and Bharat
nagar chowk. More than 50 students participated in this activity. The
purpose of this act was to appreciate the constant and dedicated
efforts of the traffic police to improve the traffic conditions of the
society. The students wanted to spread a message that valentine’s day
is not to be rejoiced only with your loving partners but each and every
member of our life. The day is about love and service and one should
always appreciate the endeavours of the people in our life alongwith
the people involved in public service who make undying attempts to
make our environment worth living.