To highlight the problems of the middle class, advocate Gaurav Arora appealed in the Supreme Court.


Ludhiana (26 April) : Lockdown has been going on for a long time, due to which people are staying in their homes and fighting this terrible disease. The Indian government is making a lot of efforts for poor people and social service organizations are also sending food to poor people. But what about the middle class society .Neither can they ask anyone for food nor is anyone giving them. the biggest problem is school fees for them, in some states, no rules have been made for school fees. Schools are asking for fees.

The bank is also not giving any interest rebate. A letter was written to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on behalf of social worker advocate Gaurav Arora regarding the problems of middle families.Advocate Gaurav Arora, while talking to journalists, said that the problem of the middle class has taken a very severe form at this time, if it is not controlled in time, its consequences can be very terrible. Therefore this letter was written to the Honorable Supreme Court. He said that he is confident that the Honorable Supreme Court will find a solution on this issue soon.