This Brand New Feature of WhatsApp Will Save Many Breakups! Escape From All Arguments!



WhatsApp has always been treating us with some or the other new features. Few days back, we reported how WhatsApp is about to launch the feature of “Revoke” or “Delete” sent messages. If that’s not enough, new reports have surfaced about one more addition to the list of exciting features.

We all know how difficult it is to track conversations when loads of messages keep pouring in right from the morning; it literally becomes difficult to reply to all and in this process, we tend to miss out on several important conversations. Many a times it so happens that your girlfriend/boyfriend messages you but due to so many other groups, their chats get ignored; sometimes, this even leads to breakups!

Not anymore, as WhatsApp has come up with a brand new feature that lets you pin 3 important chats at the top.


Currently, this feature is available for WhatsApp Android beta users; yes, if you are on beta 2.17.162 or .163, only then you can avail this feature.

How to use this feature?
After hearing about this new feature, I am sure you want to know more about it, right? If you desire to pin your favorite chat on the top, all you need to do is long press on a particular chat. After you do so, you will get the option “Pin” along with archive, mute and delete. Select that option and your chat will be pinned. This feature allows you to just pin 3 chats, so select the important ones carefully.

How to unpin the “Pinned” chats?
If you want to change the sequence, you can easily unpin the already pinned chat. On the top, you will see “Unpin”; as soon as you select it, the chat will come down.


Will I get the feature on normal version?
No, currently, it is only for the beta version and isn’t available for normal version. For getting this option, go to Play Store and select WhatsApp. When you scroll down, there will be an option “Beta tester”. Sign up for the same and then install WhatsApp once again.

Isn’t it a superb feature? This will definitely reduce the chances of chats being missed. Share your views with us in our comments section below.