The city where I grew up!

Image courtesy - Wikipedia

By: Jasmine Kaur

In all these recent years, Ludhiana has evolved out to become one of the major cities providing hub to many industries in the country.
Ludhiana is no more a hub only for hosiery and cycle parts. In all these years, Ludhiana has evolved and joined the league of becomig a metro city. All this progress, all the growth which Ludhiana has witnessed in the past few years is a result of the hard work and efforts of Ludhianvis.

Ludhiana has been my hometown, being born and brought up in this city, I have memories attached with all the streets and roads, all the dhabas and restaurants, all the nooks and corners of this city. When I look at the progress of this city I feel proud to call myself a ludhianvi.

Image courtesy – Google via Kirti talwar

But there’s a part of Ludhiana missing in this city now. The roads without flyovers, the trees alongside the roads, streets with more of kids and less of traffic, people eating more at dhabas less at restaurants, kids playing more outdoors and less indoors everything has gone missing now.

In all these years, alongwith me this city has grown too. As much as I miss me being a child I miss this city’s old young days too when the city was more fresh and less polluted, more green and less jammed, when this city was more of city and less of smart. I miss the city where I grew up.