The BECONOMY India organized a Book Barter Event

The BECONOMY India organized a Book Barter Event “Book Barter & More” on 23rdJuly 2017 at Café Coffee Day, Janpath, New Delhi. The concept of Book Barter is is dedicated to all those voracious readers who love reading books and would love to talk about them with other people.
The event comprised of the following activities:
1. Pictionary – It is a classic game of drawing and guessing pictures. This game worked as a great icebreaker, and was very well enjoyed by the croud.  The notecards contained the name of books and the person had to draw pictures on the board and the audience had to guess the name of the book.
2. Cross Introduction – It was our second ice breaker round where each person took out a chit and had to introduce him to the other person and vice versa. This made the audience familiar with the books they like to read and would also broke the ice among the book lovers.
3. Book Barter – Each person was awarded B-currency and with that they could buy books from other participants.
4. Blind Date Barter –A book was awarded as a token of thanks to all the people in the audience.
The event was organized by BECONOMY and Bookchor in association with KGS Advisors. Our Digital media partners were Jan ki baat, Across the road and our Community partner COWE.
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