Shree Atam Vallabh Jain College celebrated the traditional festival of Teej dedicated to the women emancipation with fervor and gaiety. The traditional colorful costumes of the students and faculty added to enhance the charm and mood of the celebrations. The Giddha Performances added to the color as the overcast sky provided the canvas to the celebrations meant to welcome ‘Savana’, the rain month with which the festival is associated with. Various competitions of Mehndi, dance, giddha added to the flavor of the festivity. The girls wearing colorful attire danced to the tune of the dhol. The students enjoyed swings and performed dance on the tunes of Punjabi songs.

Riya Verma of BBA 2nd was crowned the Teej Queen.

Best Punjabi Attire: Prachi B.com 1st

Miss Punjaban: Isha Jain B.com 1st

Best Mehndi: Isha Jain B. Com 1st

The President of the college Managing Committee Sh. Ashok Jain, General Secretary Sh. Narinder Jain, Admin secretary Sh. Avinash Jain, Principal of the college Prof. Rishi Kesh, Coordinator Sh. H. R. Saini remarked that such activities fill the students with great zeal and happiness. They also discussed the importance of Teej festival and congratulated the faculty and students with vibrancy.