Sunil Kant Munjal Inaugurates BCM World Preschool


Taking a cue from the National Education In sync with National
Education Policy, 2020 the BCM Foundation led by Sh. Sunil Kant
Munjal has taken a major initiative to promote Early Childhood
Care and Education (NEP) 2020 of achieving 100% Gross
Enrolment Ratio in preschool to secondary level by 2030. Shri
Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman, BCM Foundation inaugurated BCM
World Preschool, Basant Vihar, Ludhiana. The initiative will
strengthen the new education structure of 5+3+3+4 years in letter
and spirit as envisaged by NEP 2020 and to provide a strong base
of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in the city.
Sh. S.K. Munjal also inaugurated the Innovation and Tinkering
Lab, at B.C.M. School, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana. Sh. Vijay
Munjal, Sh. Suresh Chander Munjal and Sh. Umesh Munjal and
Sh. S.K.Rai also joined on this occasion It is a major initiative of
the BCM Foundation to groom young minds into innovative leaders
of the future. With this initiative, the students will be capable of
integrating technology, art and design with multidisciplinary abilities
across social sciences and humanities. The lab is established on a
dedicated 2000 sq.ft. Space, with state-of-the-art facilities, set
aside for creating something new, a space for innovating and
providing solutions for problems faced by individuals and
Most children in India do not have access to quality preschool
education, which is considered essential to develop the necessary
cognitive, pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills in a child before
they enter formal schooling. A school readiness program is a
potential short-term alternative to help a child be ready for school
as they grow.
The BCM World Pre School will provide world class infrastructure
to provide United Kingdom based curriculum to give a head start to
the kids of Ludhiana.  The next generation Preschool is a state – of
– the art, artistically built and aesthetically manicured preschool
and Activity Centre.
BCM World Preschool aims to create a happy, safe and stimulating
environment where children are motivated to learn together.

BCM World Pre School mission is to encourage children to
immerse themselves in learning opportunities that inspire them.
We empower them to make a difference in their future as resilient
learners, motivated individuals and proactive citizens.

The Innovation have become central to the working of our society
and economy in the last few years. All sectors of the society
including education, industry, governance and services are rapidly
innovating and automating their operations. Considering the
growing importance of innovation and to develop creativity and
innovation among school students, the BCM Foundation led by
Chairman Sunil Kant Munjal also inaugurated the Innovation and
Tinkering Lab at BCM School, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana to
promote innovation and tinkering to solve real life problems using
technology at BCM School, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana.
In Innovation and Tinkering Lab, the students have access to
hardware lab infrastructure, as well as well-designed digital
learning facilitating based STEAM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art and Mathematics), with a much stronger
emphasis on experiential learning than provided by the current
theory based curriculums. The Schools follows a unique course
content focused on creativity, innovation and experiential learning.
The New Educational Policy 2020 is shifting education from the
school bag to the boon of experiential learning that helps for life,
from simply memorizing to critical thinking, as the emerging 21st
century is an era of knowledge, learning, and innovation. Life has
changed giving rise to the need for skilling, up skilling, reskilling,
and lifelong learning. Students will need to do three things – Learn,
Question, Solve – Learn to question things and create solutions.
One of the larger aims of the Innovation & Tinkering Lab is to
create a pool of talent that is future ready, by introducing and
exposing young innovators to essential world skills; to get them to
think out of the box, and break boundaries—and make something
unique in the process,
The other objective is to help instill a ‘maker’ spirit in young
people, by providing opportunities for working outside the
classroom, using hands-on experimentation and collaboration with

the latest technology, and designing it to provide much needed
solutions. It encourages students to become solution providers and
get engaged in self-learning that will not only lead to the
development of higher order thinking skills, but may eventually
lead to discoveries, innovations and inventions.

Sh. Sunil Kant Munjal has been working closely with the Ministry of
Education on the formulation of the National Education Policy,
2020. As Chancellor of BML Munjal University and Doon School,
he has contributed path breaking ideas and implementation path
for NEP. He organised a team to evaluate ideas and suggestions
contributed by a large number of individuals and organisations and
embedded these in the new framework with his enormous
experience of education across the world. He is currently actively
involved in developing the implementation strategy for the NEP.