Sonali Bendre says she doesn’t want to wear the ‘cancer survivor’ tag


An epitome of great valour and resilience, Bollywood’s veteran actress Sonali Bendre has emerged as a fighter after her battle with cancer.

The actor who was diagnosed with ‘high-grade cancer’ last summer opened up about her journey as a cancer survivor and said there is much more to her than just that

Sonali said ‘being a cancer survivor is not a badge she wants to wear and move around with.’

Speaking at a recent event in Jaipur, the ‘Sarfarosh’ actress drew parallels between Manisha Koirala and herself while explaining at length her own sentiments.

Sonali said that while Manisha, played Nargis Dutt (who died of pancreatic cancer) in Sanju when she was cancer free, for her it was different. She said she was not willing to take up any roles that have anything to do with cancer.

“Manisha made a comeback when she was cancer free. I am not yet. My journey is a little different. I don’t think I would ever want to play the role of a cancer survivor and relive all those painful moments. There is so much to me than just being a cancer survivor. It is not a badge I want to wear and move around. The only reason I talk about it is that nobody discusses it. I am not a doctor or scientist. But if me coming out and discussing it is getting people to talk about it, then I think it’s my duty to talk about it instead of wallowing in self-pity,” shared Sonali.

She also spoke about how she felt when her body changed due to the disease, especially when she lost her hair.

“I have always had poker straight hair. I am hoping that these little twists that I am seeing how in my hair really last. And in this second round of life, I want slightly wavy hair so that my blow-dries are a little better. I am not looking for perfection anymore,” she said.

Sonali also revealed how her husband Goldie Behl and she broke the news of her illness to their son Ranveer. “Telling him about my cancer was both instinctive and selfish. Goldie and I felt that he is such an important part of the family and if something so huge is happening, he needed to be included in it. That was out instinct. The second thing was a very selfish motive. I didn’t know where I was heading. Whatever time was left, I wanted him with me. It was as simple as that.”