‘Singham’ girl Kajal Aggarwal bags another Hindi film


Kajal Aggarwal celebrated her 32nd birthday on Monday (June 19) and the actress took the day off work and spent time with friends and family. She reveals, “I usually don’t work on my birthdays. I like to catch up with family and friends whom I have grown up with.”

There was a time when birthdays were all about partying the night away, she recalls, “I guess the 16th, 18 and 21st years are typically those years. You go out late-night partying with friends, but that’s not my idea of enjoyment anymore. Now, I am happy being home.”

No birthday resolutions for Kajal. She says, “I generally make resolutions on the first day of the New Year, but I do get contemplative on my birthday. I think of the progress I have had as a person in my personal and professional life.” She adds it is not about nostalgia, “I don’t get emotional. I just make sure that I have fabulous memories of the year to celebrate.”

On the professional front, apart from the two big releases in the south lined up for release soon, Kajal admits to having signed a challenging role in a big Bollywood film. “It is a big film with a very interesting role. I am starting it in August, but I would like to talk about only at the appropriate time,” she concludes.

Source – DNA