“She Talks” Celebrated On the occasion of Women’s Day


On the occasion of Women’s Day, the city witnessed a never before and one of a kind event, called “She Talks”. It was an ode to the success women have achieved in the modern Indian society. Dr. Prerna Mittal, a leading plastic surgeon of the city, organized the event. She is the founder of Cocoona Refine Aesthetic Clinic, Ludhiana which is a leading aesthetic clinic in the region offering a variety of services.  Ms. Raman Garg, founder & CEO of Online Buzz Marketing, was the co-organizer of the event.Cocoona Refine Aesthetic Clinic can boast of the latest technology and state of the art equipment.

It has an expert team of plastic surgeons and visiting international faculty. It is part of Cocoona Group that has branches in Delhi & Dubai. The clinic can boast of being the only clinic in Punjab to have the original Vaser Liposuction Technology and the Soporano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal Technology.  The clinic is also known for it’s expertise to tackle breast related problems and performing breast surgeries.The event was organized at Penthouse, Ludhiana and had a wonderful gathering of all the elite ladies of the city. It featured prominent guest speakers like Mrs. Sanyogita Aggarwal (D.C.’s wife), Mrs. AshaAhuja, Mrs. HarpreetSoin, Ms. Purva, Mrs. Sonu Gandhi, etc. The audience had a wonderfully interactive session with the speakers that was highly motivating as well.

The event had two prominent sponsors; Shri Ram Global Pre-school, the leading pre-school of Ludhiana and Glam Talks, an upcoming lifestyle magazine.All the top bloggers of Ludhiana were present at the occasion to cover the event and promote it on their social media handles.All the ladies who attended the event had a great time listening to the panelists and to talk to each other over High Tea.The talk by Dr. Prerna Mittal was an eye opener for many. She discussed lot of procedures like Laser Hair Reduction, Rhinoplasty, Plastic Surgery, Breast Surgeries, Botox, Fillers etc.

It was an afternoon full of motivation and enthusiasm.