Rewarding a ‘Hero’- Little Girl donates all savings for Kerala, Receives a sweet surprise in return!


‘Kindness never goes unrewarded’- the wise adage came true in a small town in Tamil Nadu, where the 8-year old girl who generously donated all her savings from four years for the Kerala flood relief, was gifted a brand new bicycle by Hero Cycles in appreciation.
S. Anupriya, the daughter of K.C. Shanmuganathan and Lalitha from Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, gained much praise and love from social media after her story was posted on Twitter. In actions wise and kind beyond her years, the girl had donated all the money from her piggy banks, about Rs 9000 that she had saved over four years wanted to buy a bicycle.

The Twitter tale was shared ahead by Pankaj Munjal, the Chairman and M.D. of Hero Cycles, who was moved by this selfless act. He promptly asked for Anupriya’s contact details, and promised to gift her a bike for every year of her life.

The company soon contacted the family over phone, and lauded the girl’s gesture. They were invited to the cycle store at Villupuram, where Anupriya picked a blue Hero Sprint bicycle for herself.

Reportedly, Anupriya was also offered additional Rs. 9000 by the company, the entire amount that she donated, but her father refused to accept it. He instead asked all parents to encourage their children to start a habit of saving money. The story confirms it’s true- ‘A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you’.