Residential Interiors will find silver lining in Covid-19


Ludhiana ( 28 June ): The world will never be the same again due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Almost all sectors of the economy have been badly hit with long-term implications. The Interior Design industry has been going through a rough patch.

However, as with every dark cloud, there is always a silver lining, so we should definitely try to look more to find the silver linings!

Residential Interiors is one such area that will find silver lining because social isolation has caused people to think deeply about the functionality and importance of their domestic spaces. As everyone got tied down to their homes, people have certainly experienced the need for their homes to be more comfortable to stay and work in. Many would have mostly seen their homes 100% for the first time and realized a few modifications could have made their stay at home more comfortable but the demand will start picking up once the major scare is over and the economy is stabilized.

The new important upcoming trends for home interior designing includes

  • the selection of right design concepts for bridging the gap between personal and professional spaces, ergonomic furniture décor to boost creativity and natural light, which are all essentials for work from home,
  • health-conscious interior designing with proper ventilation and air circulation, use of germ-resistant or antimicrobial materials
  • Lots of natural light, bright cheerful colors, and greenery can all be used to make a home environment more cheerful, inspiring and optimistic because lockdown measures contributed to loneliness, feelings of isolation, and even depression, and many people have had a hard time during social distancing. So good interior designing can serve as a source of comfort!
  • Increased awareness about materials and their effect on hygiene is definitely a major step in making the right decisions during the design process. Smart interior designing like using efficient and flexible furniture and movable walls in a house is the need of an hour.

Actually, how this pandemic will progress and what will be its seasonal impact is really hard to predict in this passing scenario, but there is one thing on which we can count on that there will be a lot of innovation in the Interior industry and designers will find new ways for a newly evolving world with its new needs.

Article By: Mehak Sharma