Rejoice Lost Recipes of Punjab || Hotel Hyatt Regency Ludhiana in collaboration with Chef Sweety Singh is hosting Punjabi heritage food festival


Explore the culinary heritage of Punjab with special curated menu showcasing lost traditional recipes by the renowned Chef Sweety Singh, Heritage Punjabi Food Festival straight from the heart of Punjab at Hyatt Regency Ludhiana.

Chef Sweety Singh said that, “Authentic Punjabi food is not very heavy. Over the time we have started using too much cream and cashew paste to make recipes, however as per authentic recipes main focus used to be on slow cooking.” He emphasize on usage of Desi ghee and mild spices to make Punjabi food. Punjabi food is available everywhere in Ludhiana, however we are showcasing lost recipes of Punjab which our grandmother’s used to cook. Chef Sweety learned cooking from his father, Santokh Singh, who started by selling Maa Ki Dal, Mutton Curry, Kadhi and Baigan Bharta from the back of a bicycle in 1956.

Chef’s specialty menu includes slow cooked Amritsari mutton , bhatti da kukad , ajwaini macchi, bhuna meat masala, chicken chawal ,Kali daal , flavourful meat tari wala ,Sarson da Saag, sarson palak paneer which transforms into something other-worldly with a blob of white butter. Bhartaa, aallo bariya , Lahori paneer, highway paneer, nabha chicken, Malai Phool, Ajwaini arbi, Vadi chawal , Chane da Shorba , pindi choley , maah di daal ( slow cooked for 15 hours) which makes even the humble vegetable ghiya vadi taste special.

Heritage Punjabi Food Festival will be on till 18th of August , every night during dinner buffet and on Sunday Brunch. We welcome all guests to join us and enjoy authentic flavorful and unique taste of Punjabi cuisine.