• Article by Preeti Yadav

With the usage of internet and social media, the relationship status of the population has been changing overnight. The longer you date someone, the more inter connected your lives become which means the list of the things the two of you share gets longer and longer.

And apparently, swapping of passwords has become a new norm in the relationships. It is expected to be a significant step towards building trust.

So, is password sharing okay? We talked to two different men and they had two different opinions. One believed in sharing password and the other did not. So let’s take a look at both sides of this debate.

Opinion-1: (Adv.  Karan Tripathi)

I believe sharing of passwords is like the next step in a relationship. It gives you the satisfaction that your partner is not hiding anything and is conveniently comfortable with you.

  1. Extension of trust in a relationship

Having phone passcode of a partner’s phone is the new “having key to the house”. It is a way of mutually saying you trust each other. Sharing such personal info like phone passcodes and social media passwords makes the couple trust each other and grow closer.

  1. Less chances of cheating

  You are less likely to engage in any form of infidelity online if you know your partner has access to your accounts. It is not that they are keeping a check on you every time but you know that they can check them any moment. So even if your mind wanders away somewhere, you would think twice before doing anything wrong. Hence, chances of break ups and divorces instantly decrease. Sweet solution, right?

  1. Matter of convenience

One can check through the mails and other messages for the other when they can’t access it or change the song playing on speaker. Such daily things become easier and convenient. I mean, Hashtag Relationship Goals.

Opinion-2 ( Rajat Sharma- college student)

I do not advocate the idea of sharing passwords. It is kind of your privacy and it should not be invaded. I still show my messages to my girlfriend but that doesn’t mean I would just give her the password to my social media accounts. Why is an eight-letter word a symbol of trust?

  1. Sharing embarrassing moments might not be your thing

If you do not want your significant other to be at the table when you discuss with your friends other girls and guys, compare your sex life and those embarrassing and insane drink night moments, then sharing passwords is a big NO. You will end up always having on the mind the thought of them checking up your messages and finding out how you lied to them for that boys’ night out to the club can lead to a fight that you have been avoiding in the first place.

  1. Trust issues

Trust is an important bedrock for any relationship. Sharing passwords is, rather, mutually assured trust destruction. At no point should the need for privacy be the cause of any kind of strife. If one side feels the need to sneak around and spy on the other, they may have much bigger issues (like anxiety troubles, past baggage or distrust, etc.) than mere lack of boundaries. If the exchange of passwords is not for the sake of comfort but trust, then re-consider your idea of dating a person that distrustful.

  1. Personal space much!

Intimacy comes from sharing select private information with people and not giving them keys to your secret kingdom. Moreover, we all need some kind of personal space in our life. Sharing everything with your partner is not the right thing in my opinion. Your passwords are the only scraps of privacy that you are left with.

Ultimately, if you feel that you truly trust each other and have the foundation of a solid, long lasting relationship, talk about password swapping, and the decision is yours to make. If you two finally agree on sharing passwords, a talk about online boundaries is must. It is obviously considered good to have a heart to heart communication.

Don’t fall in the trap of following other couples’ practices around you.  Discover the best way to encourage trust in your relationship through a good, proper chat. In my opinion, I don’t think social media ruins relationships. Dishonesty and sneakiness does.