Mount Litera Zee School organized the ”Parenting Week”


It is a desire of every parent that their childshould excel in academics, knows how to behave with the elders and fulfill all their expectations. Success is not achieved at a moment, there is always a story behind that, the journey of hard work, pain, dedication, parents faith in their child and the support to their kids to get up and start again when they fall down .We think that our child will start learning when he will go to school, but actually his schooling starts right from their home from where he learns A for Appreciation, B for Behavior, C for Courage to raise his voice against wrong deeds.

There is an old saying that “whatever we sow, we reap”. Our child learns from us ,so instead of blaming others for their flaws, we should check and correct where the things are lacking from our side.To brief the parents on how to tackle and respond to their kids in a right way in their learning phase, MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL organized the  ”PARENTING WEEK.”

The session was conducted by Parenting Coach Mr.Manjit Singh Kharbanda from “InnGenius Educom Pvt. Ltd., Ludhiana”, whointeracted with the parents on their child’s issues and guided them in the right direction. Various issues related to child psychology were also discussed with the parents  in the presence of School Counselor Ms Poonam Saxena. The overall session was the great success as parents were completely satisfied and understood all the shortcomings which are faced by the parents in the upbringing of a child. MLZS didn’t only provide solution to the parents regarding the mental and psychological issues of a child but it had also organized free health checkup for all students of the school in the presence of their parents. So that students remain fit both mentally and physically because” healthy mind stays in healthy body.”

School also organized the “Scholastic Book Fair” for the students, where various types of books with different genre were there and students got the opportunity to choose their favourite books as per their preference. Books are not only prove as loyal friends for a children but they also give them ample amount of knowledge.

MLZS Principal MsDeepa Gupta appreciated the efforts of the parents as they took out time from their busy schedule for their children .She encouraged parents and students both to spend more and more time with their families and also motivated the students to read as many books as possible because it will not enhance their reading skills infact it will also change their perspective towards the world.