Mizoram boy who rushed injured chick to hospital gets PETA award


Derek C Lalchhanhima, the boy from Mizoram who became a social media star for his act of kindness, has now received an award by PETA India. The six-year-old boy became an overnight sensation on the internet after a photo of him with an injured chick in hospital went viral. After accidentally running over the baby bird with his cycle, Lalchhanhima rushed the chick to a hospital with all the money he had to ensure it got medical treatment.

The boy received a lot of praise online for his actions and earlier received a special certificate from his school.

PETA India has awarded him a ‘Compassionate Kid’ Award for inspiring other children.

“Developing empathy for animals is a key step towards developing empathy for – and rejecting violence against – all beings, including humans. It’s important, therefore, that students learn at an early age that the animals with whom we share this planet are, in many ways, not so different from us,” PETA India said in a statement.