Mismanagement of Rahul Dev Event company put DE NUEVO into losses


Mismanagement of event company put De Nuevo Club into losses. De Nuevo Club recently promoted an event for Vaisakhi in which Punjabi Singers Karan Aujla and Deep Jandu were supposed to perform. But unfortunately the event couldn’t take place due to sudden hike in the price. The deal was finalised between the event management company and De Nuevo Club at the price of 3.25 Lakhs but the Rahul Dev event management company just 4 days before the event demanded an amount 13 Lakhs. De Nuevo Club when told them that they will take the case to police, Rahul Dev started abusing police. Though De Nuevo Club managed to please their audience but the owners were highly disappointed by this rude behavior of event management company. Also the club had already paid a token amount of 1.90 lakhs to the event company which is also not been refunded by the management company.