Meet The S*XIEST Doctor Alive, Dr. Mike! Now Every Girl Would Want To Fall Sick


We have witnessed huge fan following of movie stars, sportspersons and celebrities in reality as well as in the virtual world but have you ever seen a doctor making Internet crazy for him? Can’t believe it?

Meet Dr. Mike, a doctor from New York who enjoys great fan following on each of the social media accounts whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. And why shouldn’t he enjoy this attraction…. Isn’t he too cute for being a doctor? He is so handsome and charming but even after becoming such a big sensation on web, he is still the guy next door who loves his family, friends and pets. What’s more, helping people is an essential part of his life.


He is the Mr. Right for whom each girl dreams of, and he has every quality that each parent wants to see in their daughter’s husband. You will fall in love with him just after reading some of the statements that he has made. Here are they:

“You can’t fall in love with looks, but you can fall in love with a person. I do think the meaning has been muddled in recent times, but I continue to believe it’s out there.”

“I am an incredibly emotional person, and I will go through incredible lengths to help other good people.”

“I also cry during sad movies.”

Wow…isn’t he just awesome?

Well, hold your breath because now we are going to show you some of his photos which are too s*xy to miss:

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