Kinderpillar organised workshop on make-up and baking & icing in summar vactions


JUNE 13 LUDHIANA Kinderpillar Ivy School, Brewal Road organised workshop on make up and baking & icing for the parents . baking and icing workshop was conducted in collaboration with Foodgram by yami . Bake egg and eggless sponge cakes was explained at the moment .later ,They were trained the basics of icing and pastry that can to help you create masterpieces . The workshop also included decoration techniques, basic cake decoration with cream and chocolates as well as advanced piping bag designs Makeup workshop was aimed at educating in simple, Quick and effective techniques to help to look best and bring out best features and make the most of it. Many women buy a lot of cosmetic products that they hardly use or do not use at all. They either don’t have time or are not sure how to use them. Participants were thrilled by learning tips of make up in easy and simple manner . Later , They were also given tips on skin care , party make etc. Babita Sharma & Vandana Sharma Director of the kindlerpillar School informed at the moment that such workshops can be helpful and fruitful to live life in better manner .They suggested participants that they should attend such workshops time to time to remain updated.