Ludhiana, April 26:

Deputy Commissioner Mr Pradeep Kumar Agrawal have informed that in yet another good news, a total of seven patients, undergoing treatment at different hospitals of Ludhiana, have been cured till date. He informed that these patients include six from district Ludhiana, while one from Jalandhar. He informed that one such patient was discharged from Civil Hospital Jagraon today.

Mr Agrawal informed that till April 26, 2020, 1707 samples have been taken in the district, out of which report of 1465 has been received, and 1444 samples are negative. He informed that 21 samples were found to be positive, that includes 18 from Ludhiana and three from other districts. He informed that one positive case (husband of BDPO, who has already been tested positive for COVID 19) has been reported from the district in last 24 hours.

He informed that unfortunately five patients have lost their lives, while six patients (five from Ludhiana and one from Jalandhar) have been fully cured after treatment. He stated that now, 9 (8 from district Ludhiana and one from another district) active patients are left in the district. He said that thankfully, the number of cured patients is increasing every day and the reason behind this is that the District Administration had done timely testing of all suspected patients and now, best treatment is being provided to them.

Deputy Commissioner Mr Pradeep Kumar Agrawal have informed that the first batch of 56 pilgrims have reached in two different buses in the district today. He informed that a total of 174 pilgrims from district Ludhiana are being brought back to the district through these buses, and in the first batch, 56 pilgrims reached the district today.

He informed that upon their arrival, proper screening by the health department officials was conducted and all of them did not have any symptoms, so they were home quarantined for 14 days. He informed that all the pilgrims thanked the Punjab government for their efforts. He clarified that there was fear in the minds of people of some areas regarding the health of pilgrims returning back from Nanded. He stated that people should not panic because all these pilgrims have been properly screened both at the time of the start of their journey in buses, as well as upon their arrival here.

Mr Agrawal said that the Punjab government has also decided to bring back students from the state, who were stranded in Kota (Rajasthan) as they were studying there. He informed that these students are expected to reach Ludhiana by tomorrow morning and upon their arrival, they would be thoroughly screened and home quarantined as per the health protocol.

He informed that the industrialists opening their industries had some confusion related to point number 19 of Punjab government advisory related to opening of industry, that is related to transportation of labour. He said that every industry have two kinds of staff, those holding managerial positions who usually come on four wheelers and the labour/workers, who either come by buses/bicycle/two wheeler. He clarified that the industry has to provide transportation for the labour/workers (only 30-40% capacity) because their movement is strictly not allowed on their own. He informed that while commuting to their respective work places, the industrialists would have to ensure that social distancing is properly maintained inside the buses.

He stated that the persons holding managerial posts and commuting on four wheelers cannot do car pooling and not more than two persons can be allowed in the four wheeler at any given time.