Global Women Network meet up was held on “Start your business & grow it too” theme


Global Women Network (GWN), Ludhiana Chapter June meet up was held on 29th June on the theme “Start your business & grow it too”. The event was a panel discussion moderated by Dr.Priyanka Kalra. The panel had 2 of Ludhiana’s young self made entrepreneurs Mrs.Garima Aggarwal (Founder: The Sweet Life) and Mr.MilindKwatra (Founder: HumHain Services). They have both through sheer hardwork and dedication built a name for themselves in their respective industries.

The Ludhiana chapter team led by Swati Paliwal as President along with Dr.Priyanka Kalra, Ridhima Garg & Srishti Agarwal as Vice President Mentoring, Training & Entrepreneurship respectively, were present at the event assisting the attendees. The city’s core team also launched and distributed “Kickstart Your Venture” template to all members who are aspiring entrepreneurs.

The panel discussion focused on each and every aspect of running a business like finance, legal, operations, logistics, HR etc. The panel had representation from both service and manufacturing industry; with Garima running a successful home bakery and Milind operating a hyper local delivery company.

“Starting your own business is a risky and a stressful endeavor. Research suggests that the fear of failure can be particularly strong for women as compared to men. Women, due to a lifetime of social conditioning, tend to be more risk-averse than men. We are always too careful, too shy, we are simply scared to jump without a SAFETY NET.Global Women Network is that Safety NET for aspiring women entrepreneurs of Ludhiana. All of us are here together to help and support each other grow and overcome hurdles along the way.
” Said Vice President Dr.Priyanka Kalra (Pschyciatrist)

The event was attended by 35 women who were working or aspiring to work and was very well received. GWN Ludhiana Chapter plans on conducting monthly events to promote growth and provide seamless mentorship to women.