Former US President Barack Obama to visit India, hold town hall with young leaders on December 1


Former US President Barack Obama will be visiting New Delhi on December 1 to host a town hall organised by the Obama Foundation.

The Obama Foundation will host a town hall with hundreds of young Indian leaders from across the country.

In a video posted on Twitter, Obama said he will talk to young people who are doing amazing work across India and they can share with him some of the work they are trying to do in their communities to make it better.

Earlier, Obama hosted similar events with young people in Germany, Indonesia, and Brazil.

“As one of the most culturally, religiously, linguistically, and ethnically diverse nations on earth, India’s democracy shows us the collective strength of engagement within and across communities,” reads a statement posted on

The Town Hall will expand the conversation about what it means to be an active citizen and make an impact — and how the Obama Foundation can support emerging leaders in this effort.

The 44th US President along with his wife Michelle Obama had visited India in January 2015, for the Republic Day Parade.