Five Unique Exterior Ideas for Your Home

Among life’s greatest treasures is a home to live in. It is only natural that the home must reflect your style, inside and out. The first look at your home can reveal a lot about your personality and lifestyle. It is why the exterior design of your home is just as important as the way you decorate it within.
Here are some cool and exciting new ideas for a home that stands out in the street:

1. LED Lighting Outlines-

Accentuate the lines of your house with tasteful, elegant LED light outline around the structure. This sophisticated look is an easy add-on, and doesn’t require a complete revamp. This makes it easy on the pocket, and adds a charming glow. LED Strip lights are a trendy upgrade in the exterior design field and available in a variety of colors to suit your own personal choices. Some even have features like multiple blink-sequences added, for unlimited fun possibilities. The end result will have your home looking one in a million among all other buildings on the road.

2. Arabic-cut Light Panels

Ditch the age- old look of plain glass panels and tinted windows. Instead, opt for these panels cut with beautiful, intricate Arabic panels. Laser-cut into perfection, these panels will add a whole new level of taste to your home’s appearance. The traditional patterns suffuse a striking and unconventional beauty into the look. Easily available in various sizes, patterns and colors, these will cast wonderful shadow designs around the house, making it picture-perfect. For the greatest modern look, combine these Arabic/ Traditional panels with an architectural symmetry of Western-style sharp lines and shapes.

3. Mirror Finish

Live around greenery and colors? Borrow the natural beauty and reflect it on your dream home to give the place a true feel of belonging to its surroundings. Use strategically – placed mirrors to give the illusion of open space and wide walls. Make your home look bigger and brighter. Highlight the effect by using darker shades or textures on the walls. Pro Tip- Hang lanterns or small, starry lights at one well placed corner, and watch the lights play across the whole wall space. A wonderful illusion that leaves any visitor spell bound by the effect.

4. Arcs and Domes

A distinctive feature to set any exterior apart would be giving delicious curves to your home. Add domes, arcs and rounded walls to give it a unique, eye-catching appearance. Use the upper floor balcony to bring things around, and give your house a stunning designer makeover. Give the house a monochrome wash for a subtle discovery, or go bold and color in contrast to the dominating hues of the house.

5. Mortar- Art

Have a green thumb? Let your house say that for you! Go green around the house with cement pots and planters, filled with nature’s glory. Use plants of differing shapes and sizes, for a welcoming and fresh look for the house. Use planters of cement, stone or mud- available online as well as your local stores- for a minimalist, organic charm. Set pathways of stone tiles around, and you’ll have guests loving to stay over for a good old walk around the block (but really, they just mean the house!)