EXCLUSIVE: Sumona Chakravarti finally speaks about Kapil Sharma’s new show going off air


Amidst the whole Kapil Sharma and Preeti Simoes fiasco the comedian’s ex-colleague Sumona did not speak up about his health or his new show but, now we have her statement on Family Time With Kapil Sharma.

Comedian turned actor Kapil Sharma who was in the news recently for his abusive Twitter rant followed by a spat with a journalist and the whole Preeti  Simoes fiasco, got a lot of support from his friends in the TV industry. In fact, the ones who were also not on good terms with Kapil came forward to help him out and it gave rise to a number of stories.

While we all got to know the truth about Kapil’s health conditions, we also discovered that the actor is suffering a lot mentally. And from Kiku Sharda to Sunil Grover to Ali Asgar all spoke on Kapil’s condition.

However, his on-screen wife Sumona Chakravarti refrained from talking on Kapil’s condition or his new show, but recently the actress told us something about Kapil’s show exclusively.

Well, the actress feels that she is Kapil’s lucky charm, recently when we asked her that would the show be a hit is she would have been a part of it. And she said, “Yes, main Kapil ki lucky charm hoon.” Sumona recently also won the Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award.

After the recent fiasco that involved Kapil Sharma, his show took a major hit. First, the episodes stopped going on air and later the cats was also asked to look for some other work. And following this, it was said that the show will not be featuring anymore. (Also, read: Is Sumona Chakravarti channel’s trump card to save Family Time With Kapil Sharma?)

Now, Kapil is currently travelling and getting away from all the mess but rumours about his show return continue doing rounds. Well, we hope they turn true and while Family Time With Kapil Sharma got mixed reviews we hope the makers revamp and bring the show back.