Ear and nose piercing: Aamir Khan goes through a ‘painful’ transformation for Thugs of Hindostan


It is no secret the kind of efforts he takes to get into the skin of any character. And now, it seems Aamir Khan has undergone some “painful” procedures for his new film, Thugs of Hindostan too. For starters, the superstar pierced his nose.

Now, HT has learnt that Aamir has gone in for a “completely different look” thanks to a nose piercing and two piercings on his right ear. “His character demands it and it’s just a glimpse of what he has done physically,” says an insider. It’s been a month since Aamir went for piercings but it’s “still painful” and the actor has been experiencing “a few painful and sleepless nights”.

“It’s well-known how painful nose piercing can be. Not many opt for it to avoid the intense pain. Also, he has gone for two upper ear piercings, which also cause a lot of pain as they have been done on the cartilage bone. On the sets, he screams in pain even when someone touches it by mistake. He isn’t able to sleep on his right side at all,” says the insider.

Earlier too, Aamir underwent an exceptional physical transformation for Dangal (2016) by putting on weight. “Aamir’s nose-pierced look has already created a lot of intrigue as it’s his never-seen-before avatar,” says the insider. Aamir couldn’t be reached for a comment.

Source – HT