Drought forces Pune residents to drop their plan of visiting hometowns


Students and professionals who are residing in Pune, and who belong to drought-affected areas in the state had to cancel their plans to visit their home towns for vacation due to an extreme water shortage there.

Vinayak Renewal of SP College, who recently finished his annual exams of Master of Arts (MA) has taken up a job in a cloth shop in the city. Renewal said, “There is no water in our village, so I do not want to burden my family. Instead, I have taken up a job which helps me earn ₹6,000 every month to full fill my monthly needs here.”

Another student, Nivrutti Tigote from SP College, who has appeared for her first year exams and who hails from Risangoan village in Nanded district, is on the lookout for a job. “As a result of the failure of crops, my parents have been unable to send me money for my monthly expenses. Initially, I was working at a catering shop and I used to get free meals there. Now, since I have finished my exams, I am looking for a full-time job.