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Nazuk Shyam Puri enjoys something of a celebrity status in the city’s coaching industry. The face of a flagship web-series by Daffodils Study Abroad Pvt Ltd, she has built a strong business in a very short while. She has several accolades to her name, and remains humble and genuine in her relationships.

Host Rachita Gupta interviews Nazuk Shyam Puri, an established woman of her own making, and delves into her journey towards success and win-ship.

What would you say has been your greatest achievement?
There’s none, yet.  I have to believe that my greatest achievement is not yet in my grasp. Whatever I’ve done in my life till now… you know how they say…  ‘Miles to go’!
(So perfection is never attainable, and yet it is to be chased?)
Yes, absolutely.

What do you describe as a low point in your career?
(Thoughtful) Negative feedback- I am deeply affected by it. I hear criticism, and the only thought in my head exists about how to beat it. I cannot rest till I know I’ve turned it around.

 What has been the greatest challenge in building your career?
Balancing the family responsibility becomes a tough hurdle to cross. I must keep up with all the roles I play- a mother, a daughter, a daughter-in-law and more. Also, with children as young as mine, it is challenging while out in the professional field.

How do you define success?
I have not seen it yet… so I cannot define it. I do not wish to achieve it- the day I call myself successful enough, it all ends. There is nothing to look forward anymore.
(So will you say Success is the journey itself?)
Yes. Success is in carrying on. Like the ICU machine- The ups and downs that you see are all signs of being alive, that is success in itself.


“I am always striving to remain true to myself. I tell myself that my successes are nothing and I must keep moving forward. If I stop working, I’ll be dead.” Such is the blunt dedication of Nazuk Shyam Puri, a lady as fierce in her work, sweet as she is in her conversation with me.



What are your big plans for the next 5 years?
(She is quiet for a while. I try to rephrase. What are your immediate goals to achieve?)
Call it a lifetime goal. The equation I’m trying to achieve is PHW+ PM, i.e., a perfect housewife and a perfect mother.

What would you call your life essentials?
(Instantly, without missing a beat)My husband. Seriously, that’s true- call him now and ask. The one thing in the world Nazuk won’t be able to live without- and he will tell you too, it’s him. Absolutely.

Do you have a message for young girls of India?
Listen to your family. They have the long-run experience that you’ll truly benefit from.

Vision of Smart City Ludhiana
A clean, beautiful city. I’d love to get this city painted with graffiti and colors. What a lovely place it would then be!

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