CT varsity students execute social engagement work during summer vacations


Ludhiana, July 15, 2019: Students of CT University under the Centre for Social Impact Strategy (CSIS) performed social and community engagement work during their summer break. The students from different domains executed various social activities.

Under CSIS, students from 19 states and 7 countries were made compulsory to perform 50 hours of social work during their degree course in their respective areas or if they adopt any.  During this summer break, students performed various activities like teaching slum kids, distributing free food to NGOs, cleaning bus stand, organising medical camps, tree plantation drives, working with farmers and various others socially oriented activities.

After the rejoining of students, they will have to submit a complete report of their social task, photographs of field work duly carried with research projects along with case study (if any) and recorded testimonials and then they will be further undergoing a viva-voce under the supervision of experts from the University.

Also, under CSIS, CTU adopted five villages for their upliftment, as a part of its corporate social responsibility. CSIS is an agent for all rounder growth of students who are working to grow their social enterprise, bring tested approaches to their companies, learn more about the social impact and expand their network.

Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Vice Chancellor said, “This initiative tends to encourage young student volunteers to involve them in community welfare work and youth empowerment activities. The effort will promote national integration and international understanding by developing youth leadership and providing a forum for youth from diverse backgrounds.”

Manbir Singh, Managing Director said, “CSIS is devoting time to impart learning experiences to positively impact the communities. The strategy will help students to focus on creating more opportunities around jobs, skills and training that will be useful for local communities and the wider economy. The social impact initiatives provide tailored package of support including mentoring, skills based-workshops and team-building exercises for the benefit of trainees.”