CT University holds a session on Food Shaming


Look up to your grandmother’s kitchen to stay fit: Anvita Chhatwal

Ludhiana, July 1, 2019: Clearing and answering each query about dieting, Anvita Chhatwal, a leading Nutritionist of North India based in Ludhiana held a session on Food Shaming at CT University. Chhatwal has a postgraduate diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition and also a PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition.

Chhatwal has a rich experience in the field of diet and nutrition and has been practicing for the past 6 years.  Speaking about food shaming, she elaborated, “People are crazy about fitness and they run after dieting. Dieting is good but it does not mean to starve oneself and neglect basic diet. People are being taken away by exotic food items and expensive supplements, rather one must follow the ancestral food pattern. They ate green vegetables, drank a lot of water and did all their chores on their own. Your grandmother’s kitchen can keep you healthy and that too in budget.”

 She also added that these days’ people are using shortcuts like taking pills or supplements rather they must replace it with homemade healthy food and regular diet.

Appreciating her tips for students under orientation program and faculty members, Sukhminder Singh Grewal, Director Students’ Affairs, said, “The young mates are trying to get fit but in a crazy way sometimes. If you look at your grandparents they are still fit and have a great stamina because they had a balanced natural diet and did regular exercise. This is the truly best way. Avoid junks, avoid strict diets that make you starve, enjoy cheat meals and regular walk can also make one healthy.”

The speaker for the day answered queries of students of foundation classes and faculty members regarding dieting and explained various myths regarding the same.

Dr. Harsh Sadawarti, Vice Chancellor said that food shaming is one of the important and hot topics to be discussed especially with the young generation who is willing to stay fit but are adopting incorrect and harmful ways.