Creative Fairies and UDNOO – The party freaks organize ‘Teej’ at Village Jhammat


‘Teeyan’ also known as festival of ‘Teej’ is celebrated in Punjab at the onset of the monsoon and dedicated on daughters and sisters. In this month, married women visit their parents to celebrate Teej and enjoy swing with fellow girls. This tradition is slowly dying due to urbanization and modernization and this centuries old tradition is fading away. To keep these rich values and traditions alive, ‘Creative Fairies and UDNOO – The party freaks’ planned to organize  ‘Teej’ at Village Jhammat near Sihwan canal in the back drop village ambience and  Banyan Tree, the icon for swing in villages and taking far away from the fad of celebrating festivals indoors in AC halls.

Under close coordination of Water Supply and Sanitation (Mission Swatch-te-Swast Punjab Abhiyan) and under the guidance of Director Sanitation Punjab Mr. Mohd. Asfaq, with Social Development Manger, Mrs Harsh Goel and support of village sarpanch S.Jaswinder Singh and Panchayat Jhammat organized a Training programme to educate villagers about ‘Health and hygiene and participation of women in project’. It also laid emphasis on sanitation habits, sense of privatization and gender mainstreaming so that women not only remain users’ providers but actively contribute in decision making process. Also on this occasion Department of forestry also contributed by planting saplings for improving the environment. Major Amarjeet Batth presented his book, ‘Indian Garden Flowers’  to Director, Sanitation, Punjab.

Ritu Chandna, Amita Puniani, Bindya, Rushika and Jasleen part of core organizing team and along with village ladies performed ‘Giddha’ and ‘Boolian’ and sung songs. The decks were richly decorated by the organizing team and the event brought once again brought alive the traditional atmosphere which was nostalgic to the old. Stalls of Bangles and Mehandi added color to the festival. ‘Maal-poore’ and ‘Kheer’ the traditional delicacies of the festival were relished by all attending. Villagers applauded the initiative and all were in praise.