Community Action month of RHG observed at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana  


Responsible business at RHG is highlight  for Think community with scope of food, shelter and future for community

Ludhiana  :  To observe Community Action month  observed by Radisson hotel group (RHG)    around 65 children with special need associated with  NGO Guru Gyan Joyti  Viklang welfare society, barewal road were invited to Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana on Tuesday. These children had gala time as they tap their feet on various songs and enjoyed brushing their imaginations through painting session.  The students were taught various dance steps by choreographer Happy from Happy Beat and dance academy and he also anchored the community action month activity.  Doctor Ramesh Chand from Ramesh  super specialty eye and laser centre BRS Nagar moderated the session for eye awareness for Kids and staff of the hotel.

Abhay Kumar, Hotel Manager, Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana said, “We as a hotel company, we provide meals, host guest and nurture the future of hoteliers of this world. We want to therefore reflect who we truly are in our ongoing support to our communities. Every time hotel or cooperate team volunteers, fund raises or help in any manner our communities, we do this under the scope of food, shelter and future

The Community Action Month is the annual responsible business highlight of think community. Held in June, the month sees at corporate offices around the globe making meaningful contributions to our communities and destinations, so everyone benefits. Every movement matters though organized activates, vaunting and raising cash and in-kind donations.

Think community is one of the three action pillars that define responsible business at RHG that means think people, think community and it is about impacting positively our communities, around our destinations, hotels and corporate offices

Dr Harsharan Kaur, Director of NGO Guru Gyan Joyti  Viklang welfare society said that these students are from poor family and they can’t afford one time meal. She said if these kids miss a visit of NGO that means that they will not get their meal for that particular day. She said that more corporate houses should come forward to help these kids.

Doctor Ramesh Chand said, “Most of parents approach him to find a solution for their kids that in this world of digitalization how can they keep their children away from mobiles, tablets and tv screens for better eyesight.  ”. He said but these Kids who are not so privileged to enjoy luxury of modern world can only be kept happy be sharing time and emotions and he make sure that helps these NGO kids in every possible manner.