Comedian’s Show Cancelled By University for being ‘Anti-National’


Comedian Kunal Kamra was supposed to host a stand-up comedy event at MS University of Baroda in Gujarat. But the comic was soon in for quite a shock when the university suddenly cancelled his show.

The event was scheduled to be held at the campus’ CC Mehta Complex on 11 August, and was cancelled following complaints from former students of the college.
The complainants claim Kamra was “anti-national” and “supported Tukde-Tukde gang”. The letter containing the complaints is alleged to have been written by a group of 11 students, and asks- “He is opposed by all the nation-loving universities in the nation, then why are we allowing him to enter our sacred alma mater?”

Reactions And Support

The university claims that Kamra had been verbally informed of the cancellation on 21 July. However, the comedian hinted at a complete lack of notice about the events. Kamra posted a tweet, stating- “Ever been so cool that you find out from the news that you’re not going to be working on a particular day? Celebrating my day off in the future on my day off today.”

Kamra was also supported by fellow-comic Anirban Dasgupta in an FB post.  “If you are cheerleading this regime because it doesn’t affect you yet, you will end up with blood on your hands. Good luck.”

Kamra’s struggles are not new. His brand of humor has often been undiplomatic about his own political leanings. The comedian had earlier revealed that he was ousted from his Mumbai home for the tone of his humor content.