Click Out Wrong Myths About Food in Your Mind – Expert Advice by Simrat Kathuria


MYTH: You can’t eat foods like soya, tofu, broccoli, cabbage at all if you suffer from hypothyroidism.
FACT: Such goetrogenic foods may interfere with the normal functions of thyroid glands, However, such
foods are completely safe to be taken in limited quantities and don’t hinder any hormonal functions.
There will be an issue only if you eat them in large quantities or have an iodine deficiency too.
MYTH: Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar
FACT: Brown sugar contains the same amount of calories as white sugar. Because of molasses content in
brown sugar it does contain a few minerals but in only minute amount. So there’s no real health benefit.
MYTH: If a food is fat free that is healthy
FACT: Food labeled as ‘fat free’ can still be high in calories, salt, sugar or other undesirable nutrients.
Plus, fat is not the enemy it was once thought to be. Fat from foods like nuts, oil and fish is essential in
the diet.
MYTH: Drinking fruit juice is a good way to increase fruit in your diet.
FACT: Fruit juice id high in sugar. The best way to increase fruit consumption is to eat whole fruit!
Freshly squeezed juice also holds up on fiber content.