CII Organized session on Personal Saving Investment Techniques


Ludhiana : Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) organized an exclusive virtual session on personal saving investment techniques on Saturday, 4 July 2020 for Ludhiana industry. In this session, CA Haresh Nagpal, Certified Financial Planner apprised different techniques regarding investment in diversified sector that how a person can make profit investing rightly through his hard earned money. Mr Nagpal also gave techniques regarding investing in diversified products and risk hedging like Real Estate and Infrastructure investment trusts, GOLD Bonds, exchange traded funds, Portfolio Management Services and RBI Bonds. An overview was also given on the current volatility in the Stock Market.

CA & CS Darshan Kshirsagar also apprised regarding varied business insurance products like Keyman Insurance, Employer-Employee insurance and Fidelity Insurances to Ludhiana Industry members. Mr Kshirsagar also supported this session by providing knowledge on Married Women’s Property Act, which enables the safety of investments of wife and children against any future legal claims by other party.