CII Ludhiana Zonal Council holds training session on ‘Business Tactics and Innovation’


CII Ludhiana Zonal Council organised an exclusive training session on ‘Business Tactics and Innovation’, at Hotel Maharaja, Vice Roy Hall, Ludhiana, on Monday.

 Addressing the participants, Er Jagmohan Singh, Lead Trainer, said, “India lags because we are not paying attention towards Innovation. Real control is not in our hands because technology is designed by other countries and they get more profit by giving new ideas to the world.

He also urged the participants to focus on tools that open their minds to new possibilities in the search for new ideas. Treatment tools that ground the creativity process by making the wild ideas and make them fit the real world constraints, resources, and support.

      He also spoke about various techniques of innovation like ‘Six Thinking Hats’ meant for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive manner, and in doing so to think together more effectively.