CII celebrates International Yoga Day at Sutlej Club


Confederation of Indian Industry, Ludhiana Zonal Council, celebrated the third International Yoga Day at an hour-long session held at Sutlej Club in Ludhiana today. Mr Manjinder Singh, Chairman, CII Ludhiana Zonal Council was the chief guest at the International Yoga day celebrations held today. Dozens of participants practiced yoga under the guidance of Ms Shalini, Yoga trainer from SN Yoga Studio, Ludhiana.

Speaking on the occasion, Manjinder Singh said, “Yoga is vital for good health and a calm mind to go on with our lives with great zest. Simple yoga exercises can make us feel alive more than any other form of exercise as it helps achieve a meditative union with our true self.”

Speaking about dos and don’ts of Yoga, Ms Shalini said, “Yoga only keeps us healthy not slim or fat. Yoga should be done in a clean, open and hygienic environment on an empty stomach. One should not eat anything 2 hrs before and 15 minutes after doing Yoga. Pregnant women must consult a Yoga trainer before starting.”