Checking of school vehicles will be done daily

– Deputy Commissioner issues orders for effective implementation of Safe School Vahan scheme
-Directed various departments to send daily inspection reports
Ludhiana, February 16 (000) – Acting Deputy Commissioner, Mr Iqbal Singh Sandhu has issued an official order to various departments regarding the effective implementation of Safe School Vahan scheme by all schools and educational institutions in district Ludhiana.
In the official order, departments have been asked to submit a daily report.
He said that it has come to the notice that the school and educational institutions do not follow the directions issued by the transport department under the safe school vahan scheme. That is why these instructions are issued.
Mr Sandhu said that the Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana, Ludhiana (Rural) and Khanna Police, the Secretary Regional Transport Authority and all the SDM’s have been told to ensure that all school buses/vehicles are checked and forward the report to the district administration before 5 pm daily.
District Education Officers have been instructed to constitute a sufficient number of teams to check on the various schools to see if they are following the guidelines of the Safe School Vahan scheme. They will also send a report every evening.
Similarly, the District Child Protection Officer has also been assigned the duty to inspect the vehicles of different schools daily and send the report to the district administration for compliance with the said scheme.
Mr Sandhu has issued a strict directive to the concerned authorities and school administrators, stating that whatever school does not implement the scheme in the proper sense, strict legal action will be taken on those who are neglected in this direction.