Blogging Workshop at Bajaj College


A workshop on blogging was organised at Bajaj College (Aff. to PU situated at Chaukimann) on Monday ,i.e., 5th August wherein Ms. Neha Bhalla was the guest speaker. She is an instagram influencer and writes for platforms like Momspresso, Womensweb and Baby Chakra. She is a post-graduate from Panjab University and has also been a national level speaker. She also takes story telling workshops by the name ‘Little Nerd Head’. Many illusions were cleared by her as to what is the difference between blog and websites. She also guided the students how blogging can be both done as a hobby and a professional career. How to enhance search engine optimization was a keynote of her lecture which can enable one to increase the reach of their blog. In this age of expressing one’s views via blogs of various types students found the workshop very interesting. At last, the principal, Dr. Shikha Dhall, honoured the guest with token of love.