BEWARE: Deleted WhatsApp messages can still be read: Here’s how


Recently, WhatsApp rolled out the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature which allows users to delete/recall sent messages, reliving us of the embarrassment of sending a message to the wrong person. But now, a new report claims that recipients can easily have access to the deleted messages as they are saved in the device.

According to Spanish Android blog Aandroidjefe, the deleted message is present in the notification centre of the recipient’s smartphone. Users can simply access the deleted messages, even if the message has not been opened, thanks to a few apps.

Notification History

One such as is called ‘Notification History’. The app, which is available on the Google Play Store, will create a shortcut on your home screen. You can tap the icon to open the notification registry of the Android system. You will have to search for the notification which says WhatsApp. The blog points out, “the message will be in the line that says “android.text”, as you can see in the illustrative images at the beginning.”

Nova Launcher

If you use third-party launchers like Nova Launcher, the process will be simpler. All you will have to do is long press on an empty area on the home screen. Tap on ‘Widgets’. Later, long press on ‘Activities’ and drop when you jump to the home screen. A list will appear – click ‘Settings’. Lastly, in the sub-list, tap the ‘Notification Log’ to create the shortcut on the home screen. You can then enter the Android notification history and search for the WhatsApp deleted messages respectively.

What are the limitations to retrieve messages?

However, there are a few limitations to retrieve these messages. The blog clarifies that only the first 100 characters of the deleted message (approximately) will be visible. Also, the notification log usually only saves notifications for a few hours. Users can only recover text messages. Photos cannot be recovered. In addition, the messages will be deleted when you restart the phone.