Bajrang Bali in the Centre Atrium of THE SILVER ARC MALL


The 15 feet origami Bajrang Bali in the centre atrium of THE SILVERARC MALL has been conceptualised as Diwali decor for this year.
Bajrang Bali or Hanuman personifies calm resilience, stoic relentless effort to achieve what is seemingly impossible.
He is a reminder that eventually with persistence ALL negativity can be annihilated
Himanshu Koli the 24year old prodigy who has implemented this beautiful installation has had his works grace the cover of FORTUNE magazine. He lightly shrugs off the accolades received by him in a way characteristic of a prodigy. To him the greatest gift his work gives him is artistic fulfilment. Everything else he says is of no consequence.

I am sure Bajrang Bali himself approves!

This falls into the ideology of SilverArc Mall to promote and encourage young upcoming talented artists and provide excitement and novae to all visitors wintering Silver Arc Mall for fun, fashion, food and entertainment.